Paruresis Treatment

Treatments of Paruresis

Shy bladder or paruresis can be a very stressful disorder and hamper the normal functioning of an individual. There are various causes behind paruresis, the primary one being a social anxiety psychological disorder. But there is little cause to worry as many treatments are available for paruresis. Many of the treatment options are discussed here.

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Paruresis Treatment

One of the most important line of treatment is drug therapy. You must visit your doctor to rule out all medical causes of paruresis. After finding the cause, proper drugs can be given to relieve paruresis symptoms. Many types of drugs are used like benzodiazepines, SSRIs, anxiolytics, anti-depressants, sedatives and even urologist’s prescribed drugs for enlarged prostrate. There are even natural drugs available like kava kava, which are basically plant extracts. In all these cases, further studies are on and medical prescription is required. The side effects also need to be monitored and dosage taken regular for best effects.

Another paruresis treatment is graduated behavior exposure therapy. In this, the patient constructs a fear hierarchy starting from the least to most distressful situation. Help of friend is taken to model the practice sessions. Regular exposure sessions for an hour twice a week can help a lot of patients. In extreme cases, psychiatrist must be consulted to guide the exposure therapy.

Another psychological intervention is counseling. You must visit an able psychiatrist for your counseling sessions. You must improve the feelings of inadequacy and low self worth. The anxiety and panic attacks can also be controlled with the help of drugs, behavior therapy or counseling. Paruresis is attached to these psychological issues and would get cure automatically. You can also indulge in positive self talk and other confidence building exercises.

Anti depressive therapies like Ellis also helps some patients of paruresis. The problem lies in faulty subconscious beliefs. Therapist helps the patients to change their beliefs and get cured. Even catharsis releasing psychoanalytical sessions have seemed to help many patients.

Paruresis can also be cured with the help of group therapy. In this, various support groups are there which comprise of people suffering from paruresis. Here the problems, experiences, therapies are successfully shared. These anonymous sessions help in reducing inhibitions and accepting the treatments. Group therapy has been found to be quite effective.

These support groups can comprise of your friends, close associations or strangers. You learn to accept the problem and find a solution for it. The social anxiety gradually disappears with the help of social support. You are finally able to talk out your problems which get the tension released and help in cure.

A helpful treatment is breath holding with in vivo desensitization. In this patient practices holding breath for increasing intervals and is introduced to anxiety provoking situations gradually. This treatment teaches self control and fear lessens. Another mind distracter is music. Some people are able to divert their minds from paruresis with the help of music. And gradually learn to urinate without the help of music.

Thus, lots of treatments are available for paruresis or shy bladder. The approaches range from medical, psychological to self help. You must decide what works for you and get on with it. Many people have successfully been cured for paruresis. So, no cause to worry as it is perfectly curable. Get treated now!

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Paruresis Treatment

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